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Let some of our valued clients tell you why....


"I have been recommending Resort News since it was first published in 1995. It really is the industry’s no.1 publication. I give all my new managers a complimentary subscription which keeps them up to date on industry events. Finally, I am extremely pleased with the exposure I receive with my advertising."

- Liz Lavender, Liz Lavender Management Rights

The RAAS Group introduces many newcomers to the management rights business each year, and furthermore employs over 250 on-site managers as real estate salespeople in their complexes. There are two things RAAS recommends to EVERY manager we deal with - join ARAMA and subscribe to Resort News! Resort News is the bible of the management rights industry and should be compulsory reading for every participant. If it is happening (or about to happen) in our industry, you will read about it in Resort News! 

- Mike Butler, Director, RAAS RIGHTS and RAAS Real Estate

"Resort News is regarded as the leading accommodation industry news magazine and is widely read by accommodation suppliers throughout Australia. We have successfully advertised in Resort News for many years and have had many new clients tell us that they learnt about us from the magazine. The firm profiles which Resort News have run for us have been extremely well supported by other industry participants and have proved very beneficial from a marketing perspective."

- John Mahoney, Mahoney Lawyers


From our Readers...

"We have had a relationship with Resort News even before we knew it! We purchased Element on Coolum Beach after reading some older editions of Resort News that a friend of ours had kept. We contacted some brokers and from there made the purchase of our lives. We now read Resort News to keep up to date with Industry News and Laws. We find it very informative and most of the articles deal with real issues. We use the preferred supplier information when looking for professional help or when making a purchase. It is interesting to see that most of our contacts have revolved around Resort News and we are very happy with the results." 

- Greg & Tamara Hussin, Element On Coolum

"As a Manager of a Holiday complex, I always look forward to my copy of Resort News coming. It provides valuable information, with legislative and financial updates, helpful and news worthy articles, property sales and industry suppliers. With Professional experts in not only the Accommodation industry, but also Legal and Financial fields submitting articles for Resort News, we the readers can be assured we are receiving the most up to date and reliable information possible. I recommend Resort News as a useful and informative source for all Residential Managers. It provides a great read while enjoying a cup of coffee." 

- Liz & Steven Craig, Warringa Surf

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